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HELP UKRAINE TO SURVIVE! Since March 2022 we are helping Ukrainian families relocate to the USA and find temporary homes, medical aid, legal aid and necessary documentations, food and supplies, psychological help and support.

What We Do.....

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By June, URRP consisted of over 150 volunteers, including 15 case workers, 35 host families, and numerous other service providers such as healthcare workers (doctors and dentists, translators, educators, and lawyers.  Currently, URRP houses and/or supports over 400 Ukrainian refugees, 85% of whom are located in South Florida and 15% in other parts of the US, including California, Louisiana, Maryland and New York.   Please see the below list of URRP emergency humanitarian aid activities to get a broader understand of the magnitude and impact of the program:

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  • Assisting refugees arriving in the United States with logistical support and the funds to help them travel to South Florida or other points of destination where they can be housed.

  • Assisting in obtaining important documents and related issues (e.g., visas that allow working age refugees to work in the U.S., driver’s licenses, medical insurance, etc.). 

  • Assisting elderly and other non-working refugees in obtaining visas.

  • Assisting with translating, as many refugees have no or limited proficiency in English. 


Mental Health

  • Hosting Group Healing Programs

    • Women's Circles

    • Yoga Sessions

    • Acupuncture

    • Meditation

    • Breathing/Relaxation Techniques

    • Art Therapy Sessions

Canned Food

Food / Hygiene

  • Monthly food distributions

  • Pantry locator

  • Clothing/Linen donations

  • Hygiene Product donations

Beach Town


  • Providing temporary housing to newly arriving immigrants:

    • Host families

    • Temporary emergency lodging in hotels or rental facilities.

  • Home Goods​

    • Mattresses​

    • Furniture

    • Bedding & Linens

    • Hygiene Products

    • Kitchen/Culinary

    • Clothing

    • Electronics

    • Bikes & Strollers

Job Candidate

Job Placement

  • Providing vocational support services, such as assisting in preparing resumes, finding jobs, paying for vocational training (e.g., commercial drivers’ license training, cosmetology training, and others), and purchasing of tools and other supplies for workers. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Social Events / Integration

  • Holding programs to integrate teens into U.S. society.  Many of the refugees are unable to integrate easily, so URRP provides programs or support to help them meet and integrate with other teens.

  • Family Events to bring together Volunteers and Refugees to form a unified community

Young Doctor


  • Providing for other immediate needs, such as bedding, hygiene, local transportation, medicines, and urgent care and walk-in clinic visits as well as money to purchase these and other items.

  • For refugee children with special needs (such as physical and emotional handicaps, autism, and the like), providing special training for case managers and other support when needed.  

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  • Assisting in getting children placed into public and private schools, pre-schools, and after-school programs. 

  • Helping provide school supplies for children, as many refugee families cannot afford school supplies.

  • Children's ESOL classes 

Ukrainian Flag

Sending Aid to Ukraine

  • Winter Survival Supplies (jackets, blankets, pajamas)

  • Vitamins

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Refugees Helped:


Summer Camp Enrollment:

Legal Aid:

100+ Families

Refugees Hosted:


School Supplies:

96+ Units



Food Distribution

2,000+ Units

Donation Drives


Free Dr. Visits:



Working With the Best

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