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We are a family from Ukraine, Nadiya and Mykola Oreshko, we have three children. We arrived on April 14 in the USA, namely the state of Florida. We did not know where to go, what to do, how to adapt to life in a new country. The founders of the URRP group will help us deal with these issues. Thanks to URRP, we received a lot of products and hygiene products, we received help with paperwork. Thanks to URRP, our children spent the summer in summer camps and also found work for our family. Our family is very grateful to URRP for supporting us during a difficult period in our lives. I thank them very much!

— Nadiya and Mykola Oreshko


We are a Ukrainian family who was escaping war in February 2022. We had quite a long trip through Europe with two kids and finally decided to cross the Mexican border with the USA in April. We expected the relocation to be difficult, we were ready for it, but it was even worse, until we met the “Ukrainian Refugee Resettlement Project”. The day we received a call from them changed our lives, we felt that we are not alone, that we have people whom we can trust, rely on and ask for any help. The group helped us with food supply from a food pantry center, with the home goods , with solving health problems, with all that we needed during that tough time for us. Both kids were attending a great summer camp. Our family is still receiving huge moral support. We are like in Gods hands but these are the hands of real people. We are immensely grateful the organization for keeping all the Ukrainian refugees in Florida safe🙏

— Val & Irene Romashek

Hello, we would like to express our gratitude to Angie.  We contacted her and received a grocery set.  Many necessary products.  Also received some important advice for us.Thank you very much.

— Fedorova, Svetlana, & Nikita

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У меня не хватает слов для того, чтобы выразить сердечную благодарность, 🙏🙏🙏 Анжелине, Луизе, Лесли, Дарье и всей команде, за милосердие, благотворительную помощь и поддержку нашей семье в самый тяжёлый период. Нам предоставили финансовую, материальную и моральную поддержку. И когда бы мы не обратились, эти святые люди всегда нам помогали и помогают.

Нам были предоставлены карточки в магазины, продуктовая помощь, помощь с адвокатами, поступлением в колледж, предоставили ребенку бесплатный летний лагерь, и очень много разных неоценимых услуг. Низкий Вам поклон и Мы никогда этого не забудем. Желаю Вам никогда не испытывать жизненных трудностей, получать от жизни все блага и радоваться каждому дню. Пусть доброта вернётся к Вам сторицей 🙏🙏🙏❤️

— Hanna Naumenko

When we signed up to be a host family, we really did not know what to expect. All we knew was that we wanted to find a meaningful way to help those fleeing from the war. Serving as a host family has given us just that and so much more. We try to be of help with them learning English, getting aid that they qualify for, transportation, finding employment, and, most of all, in trying to make them feel safe and welcome during what is such a stressful and challenging time. And they've given us so much more than we ever expected. We became "grandparents" to the young boys within days of their arrival. And their family helps and teaches us every day by sharing their culture, language, traditions, knowledge of both Ukraine and European politics, not to mention amazing food! They have become our family, and we are theirs.

— Laurie and Mike Riley (hosts of the Nemets family)

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